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I am proud to be the only non-Orthodox person in the world who is certified by the Israeli Rabbinate to slaughter any and all Kosher animals.  Visit to learn more.


A little bit more about who I am and where I come from.

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as the fourth generation in a family jewelry business.  From before I was a Bar Mitzvah, my father taught me the delicate work of jewelry design and repair, and how to care for the needs of our customers.


At the same time, my parents nurtured within me a love for Judaism - sending me to religious school, celebrating Shabbat and holidays both at home and at synagogue, and modeling community engagement for both my brother and me.  This education led me towards involvement in Jewish youth group (BBYO), Jewish summer camp (Beber), and Hillel (Ohio State).


After college, I moved to Los Angeles, where I maintained my involvement in both jewelry and Judaism.  At first, I was committed to returning to work in the family business.  However, after several years of engaging in community organizing and social activism, I decided to take on my life-long dream of becoming a rabbi (another family tradition).

While I loved my rabbinic studies, they simply weren't enough for me - I missed working with my hands.  So, I trained in the ancient, ritual artforms of Brit Milah and Shechitah  I now serve as the rabbi of a wonderful community in Los Angeles, perform Brit Milah ceremonies for families all over Southern California, and teach about Shechitah wherever and whenever possible.

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